Wedding shoes ballet flats comfortable bride in Danbury
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Wedding shoes ballet flats comfortable bride in Danbury

At one of my most recent weddings that I was hired as a wedding photographer in Danbury, Connecticut, I was asked to capture some details while the bride was getting ready. I arrived at her home early and I found these shoes waiting for the bride while she had her make up done.

These are just simple ballet flats that the bride chose to wear. I thought there were so cute and elegant yet light and airy. What a great choice! I knew this bride will definitely be very comfortable during the whole day, and she had a very long day ahead of her!

I positioned the shoes right next to the window and arranged them so that I could take a photograph with natural light only. 

I love natural light as I feel it really makes the photographs light and airy. It is very difficult to achieve the same quality of light with artificial lighting. The room that these shoes were at was pretty dark and I had to uncover the shades to let more light in. I used a wider aperture on my lens and shot it with very narrow depth of field.

After I photographed these shoes I proceeded to taking some pictures of the dress.

Location: 25 Lake Ave Ext, Danbury, CT 06811.