Wedding photographer Danbury Stamford Norwalk new haven
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Wedding photographer Danbury Stamford Norwalk new haven

I mainly serve Connecticut towns such as Danbury, Stamford and Norwalk but I am available for travel. As a matter of fact, I frequently travel to other towns such as New Haven as well as Westchester area. 

In summer months I like to shoot outdoor ceremonies like this one. This was talken at Binney Park in Greenwich, CT and it was a nice and sunny day. It was in one of the gazebos at the park. The area inside the gazebo was pretty dark, whereas the outside was strong lit by the full sun. When I took this photograph, the groom was putting a ring on his soon to be wife. The outdoor was so bright that when I took this picture exposing for their skin tones, the background got blown out completely. I love backlit images like this one. I use this technique a lot when taking photos in the full sun. A lot of my clients also love this kind of light and airy feeling to the image, and because it was so bright and the bride and groom was naturally positioned backwards to the sun, I was able to blow out the background completely. 

What I also love about this image is the moment itself. They are about to be husband and wife and putting the rings on each others' fingers is the last step of the ceremony. What a great honor it is to be part of this special day!

Location: Binney Park, Greenwich, CT, United States.