Wedding photographer CT and Westchester NY Villa Bianca
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Wedding photographer CT and Westchester NY Villa Bianca

Villa Bianca in Seymour, CT was one of my favorite Connecticut venues. I shot a wedding there in the summer and we were able to take some amazing images. It was a very sunny hot day and we did not stay long outdoors but we still got some amazing shots. 

I typically carry with me two cameras, one of them has a wider lens on it in case I want to capture a photo at wider angle. 

I love the bokeh or blurred background that a longer lens gives me therefore I always have one camera with a longer lens, but I recently fell in love with a wider lens. I always like to give my clients variety when choosing photos so a wider lens is always nice to have at all times.

For example here, after we took some portraits of the bride and groom, like the one below, we were ready to head back to the reception hall.

Bride Groom posing traditional outdoor wedding portrait
As it can be easily seen, the overall feel of the photo is completely different. 

I love wide angle shots when I want to show the interaction between the bride and groom. In the first photo, I love how they are just walking side by side and chatting with each other. 

As I mentioned before, I want to give my clients variety in their wedding photographs so that they have plenty to choose for their wedding albums.

Location: 25 Lake Ave Ext, Danbury, CT 06811.