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Tarrywile Mansion wedding photographer in danbury

This beautiful couple got married in Binney Park in Greenwich, CT and as a wedding photographer located in Danbury, Connecticut, I had to travel for over one hour to document their wedding. It was a beautiful sunny summer day and we were able to take some nice shots in the park. 

I loved working with this couple as they just had fun that day. I had no problem with them being uncomfortable or shy in front of the camera, they almost forgot I was there and just had fun and laughed. And this is what us, wedding photographers are always happy to see - a relaxed fun couple that just wants to have fun during their photo shoot. 

Some o the groom's family was not able to attend the wedding so he asked me to send them just one photo from that day. I loved all the images too much and I had a real problem picking just one, so I had decided to create a nice slideshow with music for my clients to share with their relatives. 

They were so grateful to receive it the same night! I never promise photos the same day but since this was a rare occasion that most of their family was overseas, I felt like I really wanted to make them happy. My clients really appreciated it and are thankful for it to this day. 

Location: 70 Southern Blvd, Danbury, CT 06810.