How to pose for wedding photos? Stamford  photographer
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How to pose for wedding photos? Stamford photographer

If you are soon getting married you have probably already hired or at least talked to a potential wedding photographer. Among all the vendors hired for the big day, photography is the one and only that you will cherish forever. It is important to make sure your wedding photos are beautiful and you look your best in them. You might ask yourself this question: 

How to pose for your photographs to make sure they can be framed or put in a wedding album?

  1. First tip that I always give to my clients is to relax. If you are stressed out or overly concerned how your pictures will turn out, it will show on your photos. Your photographer might have some helpful tips for you how to relax and act naturally. It is very important to just be yourself. Start laughing, have fun and just be yourself. You will love your photos if you are just you. 
  2. Find your best side. No one's face is symmetrical and depending what angle you are looking at it, it looks different. My brides 80% of the time know which side they prefer and I always make sure I ask before I start taking pictures. It is very important for me that my clients love their pictures after their wedding and they do tend to forget to tell me if they have a favorite side. I feel like it is my responsibility to ask. 
  3. Stand up straight. Good posture will always make everyone look better. 

These are just some tips I found helpful when photographing my clients. To learn more please fill out this form. I would love to hear from you.

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