Bride Getting Ready. Wedding photographer New Haven, CT
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Bride Getting Ready. Wedding photographer New Haven, CT

Here is another image of a bride that got married in New Haven, CT. For this one, I was asked to take some getting ready photos while she was getting her hair done at the hotel. Her hair stylist was finishing her spraying her curls while I set up my equipment on the bed to take some shots while they were working. I don't do many silhouettes, but my brides, when they are getting ready, don't like to be photographed without makeup. This is perfect time for silhouettes. The key is to position the subject in front of a strong light that is much stronger than the subject and while the subject is backlit, expose for the background and take the photo. It takes some practice to successfully and quickly meter the camera correctly but it is definitely worth it. I really like how curvy this bride was. Her shape is beautifully emphasized by the light from behind and we can easily see her curves. This is the purpose of the silhouettes, to see the edges of the subject. This particular example is a beautiful fine art portrait of one of my brides getting ready. When I am about to take getting ready photos, I always make sure to find a window where I can position the bride. From what I can recall, I asked the bride to move closer to the window while her hair is getting finished. Usually my clients agree to my requests as they also want nice photos from their big day. 

Location: 450 Lighthouse Rd, New Haven, CT 06512.