Best CT Photographer in New Haven Stamford Danbury
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Best CT Photographer in New Haven Stamford Danbury

I loved working with this couple. They were so in love! They had a small wedding at a Hilton Hotels. The ceremony was outside and they wanted to do family formals right after the ceremony. It was very hard to find a spot because this was not a typical wedding venue so I looked around the outside near the parking lot to see if the place would be suitable for that purpose. I saw some trees near the main building so we took this photo below, I asked them to walk away from me and kiss. 

ct wedding photographer in danbury tarrywile mansion

I typically arrive one to two hours before each wedding starts in order to explore the location. I went around the garbage dumpsters and I discovered a nice square lawn surrounded by these evergreens! There was a perfect stone bench there for the couple to sit on as well! I brought the wedding party to the location and they could not believe that this was hidden behind the dumpsters. We had some kids with us so I also took this shot at the same location:

It was wonderful. I was able to produce enough images for my clients to have many choices for their wedding album. They were very happy with their wedding photos. 

Location: 21 Lake Ave Ext, Danbury, CT 06811.