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Ridgefield children photographer fine art portraits

If you have ever tried to take photographs of your toddler you probably know by now, it is not easy. They usually run away from you and when you ask them to smile, they make faces.

I think it is adorable and I have to admit, I have hundreds or thousands of photographs of my children in which they show faces, stick their tongues at me etc. However, as a professional children photographer, I make sure to satisfy my clients' needs and provide them with images of their children they would love.

How to take professional photos of your child?

First of all, I always make sure the child is comfortable. During phone or in-person pre-consultation with parents, I go over the session and discuss the needs of each family. I always inquire about child's favorite toys and characters and I come to professional children sessions prepared. 

During this session of my son, who hated the camera at that age, I let him hold his little car and I gave him a teddy bear to hold. I told him to sit on a fallen tree in the park and asked my assistant to hold him from behind so that he doesn't fall backwards.

I really loved how he suddenly turned his face towards the setting sun and I am very happy to be able to capture this short moment. 

This still is another favorite photograph of my son. 

Location: Ridgefield, CT.