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lifestyle newborn session danbury ct ridgefield

Bethel newborn photographer

As a Bethel newborn photographer I have the honor to photograph newborn babies days after they are born. It is true privilege to have these babies in my studio. They are my favorite clients.

Baby Jacob was one of the first newborn babies that visited my home studio. He came with his older sister and mom and dad. He was perfect, whatever any CT newborn photographer could ever wish for. He slept through the whole session and he let me pose him and wrap him in various blankets that I prepared that day.

I usually prepare many blankets in different colors and I let the mom pick which ones she likes best. I feel like this kind of cooperation works best for us.

Jacob's mom picked neutral colors. I feel like a lot of moms today prefer neutral colors and this is also part of my style. I love any shade of beige, browns, whites and all neutral shades.

I absolutely love his feet poking from underneath the blanket and his expression. I also adore the way he placed his hands around his little head.

Lifestyle newborn photographer in Bethel, CT

I offer two kinds of newborn sessions. Lifestyle newborn sessions take only up to an hour and we do not depend on the baby to fall asleep. I take photographs during the whole hour and I am not requested to pose the baby.

The other kind of session I offer is posed newborn session. During a posed newborn session I try to make sure baby is deep asleep before I take the photographs. 

As a CT newborn baby photographer I customize my sessions according to your needs. Feel free to contact me to find out more information.

Location: Bethel, CT.